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Room video audits

Adding each room into the system allows you to record a video of the room, giving you a clear view of the condition and contents of the room. You can also record detailed information about rooms such as: paint colour/code, floor type, lighting type, next redecoration date etc.


Statutory checks, inspections and important reminders

School Asset Manager gives you the ability to monitor all assets that require a statutory check or inspection. By recording all the key information and documentation that any HSE, fire officer, local authority or other compliance auditor may require, all the evidence you need is easily accessible from anywhere. Reminders - Critically the system allows specific scheduling of action dates allowing you to set up email reminder alerts for any action or task, which is required to meet your statutory obligations


Estates & buildings

Manage and monitor buildings, estates (interior and exterior) and grounds. The systems allows you to understandthe current condition, estimated future maintenance dates and associated costs of maintenance and replacement. You can also easily identify and understand your risks and receive automated alerts based on inspection dates and results


Streamline time management and work planning

By recording test/inspection dates, maintenance dates the system can plot upcoming dates on a calendar to help you plan your workload and streamline the use of resources


Important document storage

Upload to store all your important documents, site plans, Health & Safety reports, service records & certificates, PAT test data, insurance documents and any other records

“The system offers a user-friendly calendar and alerts system emailing you notifications. These can be used for your fire alarm, PAT testing, fume cupboards, water systems and many more items that require testing or inspection.”

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