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Mobile App

Work more effectively when on the move by scanning and updating asset information e.g. status changes, equipment booking, location changes, disposal of equipment


Equipment loans

Easily book assets in and out of the system, record the person the item has been loaned to and the date you expect it back. With it’s advanced reports functionality you can even receive email reminders when loans have expired


Life cycle management

Have better visibility on which assets may need replacing, upgrading and maintaining by recording key dates and letting the system notify the relevant people


Network discovery

Network discovery allows you to take a snapshot of all the devices attached to your network and link this data to assets. Find out who is using resource-heavy or restricted programs and applications like iTunes, Spotify, torrenting software etc.


Asset knowledge

Have all the information you need at your fingertips with a combination of asset data, network discovery data, complete asset history and detailed audit trail


“The SAM support team made it really easy for me by importing my existing asset register into School Asset Manager. This saved me a lot of work”

Shaun Walker, School Network Manager.

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